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Urban density


This is the official web page for the project URBAN DENSITY supported by Visegrad Fund.

Project is realized by Institut of urban development (IUR) from Bratislava, Slovakia and partners:

Arch.Design s.r.o. 
(Czech republic, Brno)

Institut of Urban Development
(Poland, Krakow)

Department of Urban Planning a Design, Faculty of architecture, BME
(Hungary, Budapest)

The main purpose of this project is to share experience with efficient urban densification in V4 countries. We plan to gather case studies and examples of best practices in V4 countries and present them to experts, representatives of municipalities and local governments, NGOs and general public at an international conference. Outcomes of the conference will be summarized in a short handbook focusing on how to cope with urban density and distributed to 25 largest cities in each V4 country.

main activities:

FromUntilDescription of activity
08/201311/2013Preparatory work - processing of case studies and examples of good practice, preparation of the conference and related PR activities
11/201311/2013International conference in Bratislava
11/201302/2014Summarization of the conference outcomes and preparation of short handbook how cope with urban density
03/201403/2014Project evaluation, Preparation of the financial settlement and final report for IVF


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